In Summary

AssistIT Business Computer Services for all your software and hardware installation needs. Some of the services we offer are listed below.


  • Office Networking. Physical cabling for all office types, including planning and implementation.

  • PC Builds and Rebuilds. Whether installing a new PC to the office or needing an existing PC installing or upgrading, we can help.

  • Server Builds and Rebuilds. We specialise in Windows and SME server for either new installations or rebuilds

  • General Software. We can install any software for your office PC’s or Servers.

  • Printers, Scanners and Plotters. We can install any device to your network allowing you to share it with the rest of the office.

  • Wireless Networking. We can install and secure your wireless network for you to allow your employees or visitors to access what they need to.

Thompson wireless router

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Installation of software

Installation services with AssistIT Business Computer Services

Whether it is an installation of a printer to make it shareable to the whole office or a complete office upgrade AssistIT Business Computer Services can help by working with you to plan and run any project


With our extensive experience in office installations we are sure we can help in any aspect of your IT installation needs. Some of the projects we can help you with are below, however please contact us for any project you need help with.


Epson printerOffice Networking. If you have an office that needs to communicate to other computers and servers, then this services is for you. We will sit and plan your office and cable routes as well as the best place to position a patch cabinet if necessary.


PC Builds and Rebuilds. The more you use a computer and install programs on them, the slower they seem to go. Every so often it is a good idea to re-install the Windows operating system. This will refresh the base operating system making the computer run faster. You may also want to upgrade the operating system to a later version. We can help you with any of these requirements


Server Builds and Rebuilds. We specialise in Windows Server and SME Server, so whether you need to add a server to your network or you want to have a server re-built to take a roll on your network, we can help you.


General Software. Some software needs special installation requirements and if installed incorrectly will cause it not to work. We specialise in knowing these extra requirements and will install your software with minimal disruption. Alternately, you may just prefer to have the peace of mind that your software is installed and looked after.


Printers, Scanners and Plotters. Printing and scanning devices can be a problem installing them on a network. Whether it’s installing on a PC, Network or wirelessly, we can install these devices for you so that everyone can print to them.


Wireless Networking. In larger offices it may be easier to have a wireless access point in some rooms rather than physical networking. This could be so visitors to your company can get access to the internet without accessing your physical network. Whatever the reason, we can help you with your installation.


Whatever your installation requirements, AssistIT Business Computer Services can help you. Contact us on our contact page