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AssistIT Business Computer Services for all of your networking needs, from wireless to physical.

Below of some of the reasons and needs for networking where we have helped businesses


  • Physical Cabling. Physical, structured cabling, generally installed in conduit around the edging of a room with terminated sockets ready for you to plug in to

  • Wireless. Mainly for small offices that don’t need permanent connection to a network. Ideal for visitors to your business and the odd PC/Laptop. Not good for many PC’s/Laptops accessing all at once.

  • Peripheral Sharing. For sharing printers, scanners, plotters etc to save money on multiple devices

  • Internet Sharing. for multiple PC’s/Laptops accessing the internet at the same time.

  • Email. Most companies use email so linking computers together will allow effective delivery of Email.

  • Central File Sharing. Saving time and money by having a central computer to store content that can be shared by many
  • Thompson Router


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Installation of a switch

Networking services with AssistIT Business Computer Services

More and more businesses are now having the need to connect computers together to share information and devices. This could be through structured cabling or through wireless. Which ever is better for you, AssistIT can help you with your network installation.

RJ45 patch cableGet the most out of your networking by connecting all of your computers and peripherals together. Every network installation is different, but some of our typical installations are as follows:

Physical Cabling. Physical, structured cabling is ideal for offices that need computers permanently linked together. Generally physical cabling runs around the outside of a room in conduit and terminates at network sockets. This then allows the computers to be plugged in to the network with patch cables.

Wireless. For small networks, wireless networking is ideal as it has no physical cabling other from the router to the a location such as the internet. PC’s will require a wireless network card, but most laptops have wireless connectivity built in. This is a quick network solution, but is not recommended for permanent networks.

Peripheral Sharing. You may need to connect your computers together for no other reason than sharing a device such as a printer, plotter or scanner. This is a cost effective solutions as it negates the need for multiple devices or a time saver as it stops the need for moving files from one computer to another via CD or USB storage.

Internet Sharing. With more and more services moving to the internet, most computers will need internet access. This is another reason why you would need your computers networking together.

Email. With the internet comes email. The most cost effective way of sending information. Email these days forms a very large part of our everyday working life.

Central File Sharing. Rather than have multiple copies of files on your computers, copied from one to the other, a central location for files linked together is ideal. This leads to better document management so that out of date copies of documents are not used.

These are just some of the ways in which AssistIT Business Computer Services can help your networking needs. For more information, contact us through our contact page

Simon – Hollybrook Lodges, Easingwold

“We called AssistIT when we wanted to add a wireless hotspot to our lodges and after a simple telephone conversation, they knew exactly what we needed. They visited our site, sat with us and explained exactly what our options were. Within a few days of agreeing the proposal, we had a fully functional wireless hotspot for our customers to use.”