In Summary

AssistIT Business Computer Services helping you with remote support.

Our remote services are designed to help you with quick efficient support aimed to save you time and money.

We us Teamviewer to connect to your computer which is available at and is free for private, personal use.

Some of the services we offer are summarised below:


  • Diagnostic. To diagnose what problems are occurring on your computer.

  • How To’s. To teach you or show you how to do tasks either by example or tuition.

  • Software Installation. Quickly installing software on your computer saving you time and effort

  • Drivers and Updates. Taking the time away from lengthy site visits. All updates can be done remotely.

  • Virus and Malware. Either sort out virus and malware problems, or install the software to do it.

Remote Support

Remote support with AssistIT Business Computer Services

Where telephone support is not enough, but a site visit will take too long, then remote support could be the best solution for you. Either through our remote management tool or through our chosen third party tool, we can remote control your PC, Laptop or server to fix or diagnose issues.


Some of the support issues we can help you with remotely are listed below:


Team Viewer remote management toolDiagnostic. If you think there is a problem with your computer we can remote control in to your computer and see what the problem is. You can demonstrate where you think the problem is and we can then diagnose what the problem is.


How To’s. Sometimes talking over the phone isn’t enough as we will be working blind and not knowing exactly what you are doing. By remote controlling your computer, we can quickly see and direct you to the right place.


Software Installation. Even software can be installed remotely. All you need to do is pop the CD in the drive and let us remote connect in. We will quickly install the software saving you time in waiting for a site visit.


Driver & Updates Installation. Drivers and updates can be time consuming to install and set up. By remote controlling your computer, we can set downloads and installs in progress and check back later. This saves time and money for someone being on site all the time while lengthy downloads finish.


Virus or Malware problems. Viruses and Malware can be a very frustrating problem to solve. By allowing us to remote connect, we can make sure all the scans are completed efficiently.