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AssistIT Home Computer Support for all of your for all of your PC and laptop requirements.

Broadband & Wireless. Not every broadband installation is the same. The general instructions you get when you order broadband don’t always work and you could spend hours on the phone trying to get it sorted. This is where AssistIT Home Computer Support comes in. We can help you plan your broadband installation.

Health Checks. Choosing a health check with AssistIT will give you an insight as to how your computer is performing and what can be done to make your computer work better.

Home Support. Computing is supposed to be getting simpler. Many operating systems now are self configuring and in most cases, all you need to do is connect your device and it will automatically recognise and install it’s self. But what happens when you buy you nice new printer and it refuses to install? what happens when you add your webcam and it crashes your computer? This is where AssistIT Home Computer Support comes in.

Mobile phone screen replacement. Have you dropped your phone or someone knocked it from a height and broken the screen? Then look no further than AssistIT, as we can diagnose the problem and give you advice or replace the screen for you.

PC Repair. Unfortunately computers break down. They all have moving parts and electrical components and as such are prone to wear and tear as well as electrical surges.

Home Computer Services with AssistIT

With over 20 years experience in the corporate IT industry, AssistIT brings it’s experience to the home, helping you with your everyday computer needs. So whether your PC won’t turn on, or an influx of virus’s stop you working, AssistIT can help you.
AssistIT will work with you to get the maximum potential from your computer.


Broadband & Wireless


  • Wireless Security
  • Filter Placement
  • Hard Wiring
  • Wireless Repeating
  • Power Line Networking
  • Fault Finding
  • Router Placement

Health Checks


  • Full Detailed Report
  • Computer Specifications
  • Memory Check
  • Processor Check
  • Running Processes Check
  • Drivers Check
  • Essential Software Check

Home Support


  • Solving Everyday Problems
  • My Computer Won’t Turn On
  • I Can’t Install My Printer
  • My Computer Keeps Crashing
  • I Want To Connect to My TV
  • My Computer Won’t Boot Up
  • Competitive Pricing

Mobile Screen Replacement


  • Mobile Phone Screens
  • Tablet Screens
  • Laptop Screens
  • Free Diagnosis
  • Speedy repair
  • Free Advice

PC Repair


  • Computer Failing To Switch On
  • Computer Making Loud Noises
  • Computer Not Loading Windows
  • CD/DVD problems
  • Overheating
  • Blue Screen of Death
  • Simple problem avoidance


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AssistIT Home Computer Support for all of your PC and laptop requirements.