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AssistIT Home Computer Support helping you with your home networking including broadband, wireless and fixed networking.
Our services help you with the following:


  • Router position. Where to place your router for best performance.

  • Wireless security. Secure your wireless against unwanted guests.

  • Filter placement. Simple filter placement to make your broadband work.

  • Hard-wiring. Physical cabling for permanent devices.

  • Wireless repeating. Getting signal all over the house.

  • Power line Networking. Alternative form of networking using your home electric cabling.

  • Fault finding. Fixing your networking problems fast and efficiently.

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Broadband, Wireless & Networking with AssistIT Home Computer Support

Not every broadband installation is the same. The general instructions you get when you order broadband don’t always work and you could spend hours on the phone trying to get it sorted.


This is where AssistIT Home Computer Support comes in. We can help you plan your broadband installation including:


Thompson RouterRouter position. The position of your router is very important so that you get the best download speeds. If it is in the wrong place, you run the risk of poorer download speeds and intermittent downtime where the router looses connection to the exchange.


Wireless security. Securing your wireless router so that no one can connect to it is very important. Sometimes just a password isn’t enough. Many wireless devices now support Mac Address Filtering where you can specify actual devices that can connect to your wireless router. This adds a very high level of security to your home network.


Filter placement. You need to make sure that you have the right filters in the the right places. Failure to do so will simply stop your broadband working.


Hard-wiring. Many people now need more than just simple wireless solutions. With the PS3 and Xbox, you can connect to the internet and stream films and music, so your devices become more than games machines. Hard-wiring your devices makes the internet access more reliable.


Wireless repeating. If you have a big house or a house with thick walls, you may not get a signal everywhere. Have a second wireless access point at another point in your house could allow you to get the signal you need.


Power line Networking. If a second wireless access point is not for you, then why not look at power line adapters which use your home electric cabling as a network, allowing you to have access points throughout the house.


Fault finding. There will be times when things just don’t go right. When that happens, we can help trace the fault and fix it for you.


AssistIT Home Computer Support for all of your broadband, networking and wireless installations and support