In Summary

AssistIT Home Computer Support, helping you diagnose problems and potential problems with our Health Check.

Our health check process includes the following services:


  • Full detailed report. Detailing all checks and recommendations. Sent to you by email in a PDF format.

  • Summary of computer specifications. Detailing all of your computers components to get a snapshot of your computer.

  • Memory Check. How is your computers memory being used?

  • Processor Check. How is your processor being used?

  • Running Processes Check. What processes are running on your computer.

  • Drivers check. Are the right drivers installed on your computer for?

  • Essential Software check. Checking to see what anti-virus and malware software is installed and how effective it is.

  • System errors check. Detailing what errors Windows has recorded and their proposed solutions.

  • Files and programs auto loaded. Finding out what programs are loading at boot time that shouldn’t be.

  • General performance monitor. Checking as to what Windows thinks the system is doing.

  • Recommendations. Detailing what we recommend you do with your system to make it run better.


All this for £35

This service has a one off fee of £35 and is completed in your home, so you don’t need to take your computer anywhere.
In circumstances where there is no other option than to buy a new computer, then we will refund your £35 if you purchase you computer through us.


Windows device manager

Resource Monitor

Health check your computer with AssistIT Home Computer Support

Choosing a health check with AssistIT will give you an insight as to how your computer is performing and what can be done to make your computer work better.

We’ve all been in the situation where your computer seems to be running slow. It takes 10 minutes to boot up properly. What do you do in these situations? in most cases you don’t do anything, or you buy a new computer because you thing the one you have is too old.

This is where AssistIT can help you. We can perform a system health check and tell you exactly what your computer is doing and what you can do to about it.

As part of the health check process you will get the following:

Example health check reportFull detailed report. A full report will be given to you detailing everything that has been found plus any recommendations. This is normally emailed to you in a PDF format so you can refer to it at a later point.

Summary of computer specifications. We take a look at this in your computer as it could be a simple case of your computer running slow because your hardware is out dated.

Memory Check. This is checked both physically and in the software you are running. Slow computers can be slow because you don’t have enough memory on your computer and it starts using the hard disk as memory. This is called paging

Processor Check. Is your processor up to the job. It could be that the operating system and the programs you are running on the computer are too much for your processor to handle.

Running Processes Check. We will check what the processor is doing and the programs that are using the most amount of processor time. This links in with the processor check above.

Drivers check. Using the wrong drivers can cause your computer to run slower as your computer is trying to communicate with a device and failing. Think of it as you trying to communicate with someone from another country; you can’t understand them properly, but will eventually understand what they are trying to say.

Essential Software check. We will check to make sure you are running the right software to keep viruses and malware at bay. Some anti-virus products are renowned for making your computer work over time.

System errors check. Windows will record errors it gets for any hardware or software issues. We will check this to see what errors have been recorded and the solutions around it.

Files and programs auto loaded. Certain files are hidden away and are loaded at the time when your computer first boots up. This is where malware is often loaded so you don’t see it.

General performance monitor. How is your computer performing generally? This tool give us an overview of what is happening on your computer and how it is performing.

Recommendations. Once the checks have been performed, we will document the results and make recommendations as to what you can do. It could be something as simple as adding a bit more memory.

AssistIT Home Computer Support, helping you and your computer with our health check service.