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AssistIT Home Computer Support helping you with your every day computer problems.
We can help in every aspect of your computer problems, but some of the problems we have been called out for are below:

  • My computer won’t turn on. We can diagnose and repair your PC so that it will power up once again. In most cases, this will be a blown power supply
  • I can’t install my printer. We will visit your home and install you printer for everyone to use
  • My computer keeps crashing. We will diagnose and fix your computer to stop it crashing
  • I want to link my computer to my TV. We will link you PC or laptop to your TV (providing it your TV has the right connections), so you can stream content from the internet
  • My computer won’t boot up. We will investigate the boot-up problem and find out what is causing it. We will then offer a solution to fix or repair it
  • Internal hard drive

    £35 per hour, no fix, no fee

    Our services are charged out at £35 per hour and is charges as a no fix, no fee service. So if we can’t fix your problem, you don’t pay a penny. You can’t get a better guarantee than that.

System Recovery

Helping support your computer with AssistIT Home Computer Support

Computing is supposed to be getting simpler. Many operating systems now are self configuring and in most cases, all you need to do is connect your device and it will automatically recognise and install it’s self. But what happens when you buy you nice new printer and it refuses to install? what happens when you add your webcam and it crashes your computer? This is where AssistIT Home Computer Support comes in.
Team Viewer consoleWith our home computer support service, we can help you with any problems you have with your computer either by visiting you at your home, or by remote controlling your computer through our chosen remote control software called TeamViewer. To download TeamViewer free of charge, visit
Our services include, but are not limited to:
My computer won’t turn on. This is quite a common problem and probably the problem we get called out to the most. It tends to happen after some bad weather as in most cases it will be a blown power supply inside the PC. But don’t worry, it’s not the end of your computer, we can replace that power supply for you and get you back up an running again.
I can’t install my printer. Printers are often easy to install, but sometimes they just don’t seem to install. We can pop over and get your printer working for you, plus if you have more than one computer in the house, we can make sure you can access the printer from all other computers and laptops.
My computer keeps crashing. Not an easy one to find the problems to. It could be hardware, something you have just installed, or can be some form of malware such as a virus. Either way, we can investigate what is happening and stop it happening again.
I want to link my computer to my TV. With modern TV’s having computer inputs and the internet having streaming and catchup TV, many people now are buying computers to link to their TV’s. We can help you configure your PC to work on your TV and get the most out of it.
My computer won’t boot up. Not the same as my computer won’t turn on. This is where your computer turns on, but won’t load in to Windows. Instead it just hangs or gives errors. The two most common problems here are either the operating system is corrupt, or the hard disk is failing. Either way we can fix the problem for you.
These are just some of the problems we get called out to help fix. If you have a problem that needs fixing on your computer then please drop us and email at where we will be glad to help
AssistIT , helping you with your home computer support in Musselburgh