In Summary

AssistIT Home Computer Support helping you protect your computer against Viruses and other Malware.
Our software includes the following benefits:

  • Managed. This is where we work with you and manage your anti-virus software and it’s policies to give you the best protection.

  • Un-managed This is where you manage your own anti-virus software and it’s policies.

  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware. Total protection for your PC or laptop.

  • Small Footprint. No bulky software installation. Just a simple agent that you don’t even know is there until you get a virus

  • Active Protection. Protecting your computer in real time so no need to scan every day.

  • Automatic Updates. Your virus database is updated every 3 hours to make sure your database is up to date

  • Excellent Price. This streamline, small foot print software comes to you for £25 per PC/Laptop per year.

Anti-virus policy

AssistIT offering you Anti-Virus and Malware protection for £25 per year, per device

Virus scan

Managed or standalone Antivirus with AssistIT home computer support

Our managed antivirus product is part of our larger managed services solution from our business pages. It is a very powerful virus package, so why just offer it to businesses? You can choose either for us to manage your Anti-virus or for you to manage it yourself
Anti-virus messageVirus’s, pop-ups, tool bar installer and other malware is very annoying. Although not necessarily destructive, these annoying products download themselves invisibly to you from emails, website and in some cases, from products you trust but just missed that “tick-box” that says would you like to install our tool-bar.
Managed anti-virus from AssistIT is one of the most poweful anti-virus / malware products in the market place and boasts that it picks up more malware products than any other antivirus software out there. On top of all that the price beats most other commercial virus software.
The main benefits of the product are:
Managed or Stand Alone. Our software is available to you where either you manage it or we do on your behalf.
Managed Antivirus console

  • Managed. We will work with you to create a protection policy and what happens when you get a virus. We will get an email when a virus is captured from your PC. Over time we will be able to see trends and suggest a method to reduce the virus attacks. We will schedule your scans for you and monitor virus activity.
  • Stand alone. This is where you manage every aspect of your software. You manage the policy, the scans. We will not be notified if you receive a virus. Basically it is very similar to the other Anti-Virus products out there in how you manage it.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware. With our software you are covered for both Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware in one. So there are no separate scans, it’s all done in one.
Small Footprint. There are no bulky programs hogging all the processing power and slowing down your computer. When you are not using your computer, it will use more processing power, but as soon as you come back to your computer, it will be a background process.
Active Protection. Your PC will be actively protected. every file you open, every process you run, the active scanner will act as a protection between the file and your computer. If it sees a potential threat, it will let you know.
Automatic Updates. Your Virus and Malware database will be updated automatically through the internet every 3 hours to make sure your computer is protected and up to date.
Excellent Price. All this comes at a very competitive price of £25 per year per PC/Laptop for either Managed or Unmanaged. That’s a small price to pay for peace of mind that your computer is protected.
Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware protection with AssistIT Home Computer Support