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AssistIT Business Computer Services helping you repair your PC and Laptop.

With over 20 years experience in building and repairing PC’s and Laptops we are sure we can repair yours.

The common problems we fix are:


  • Computer failing to switch on. Your computer worked yesterday, but today it won’t switch on. The likelihood is that the power supply has blown

  • Computer making loud noises. This is usually the start of something going wrong. It could be the fans vibrating and starting to fail. This needs sorting quickly before your computer overheats and fails

  • Computer switching on but not loading Windows. Generally either a corruption in the operating system or the start of your hard disk failing

  • CD/DVD drive not accepting disks. More than likely you will need a new CD / DVD device as there are no user serviceable parts inside.

  • Overheating. This is where your fans have stopped working and there is no ventilation for your computer

  • Blue screen of death. generally caused from either a corrupt operating system, or a faulty compenent


Broken Keyboard
Many computer problems can be avoided by doing the following:


  • Keep your computer off the ground
  • Keep your computer well ventilated by not blocking the vent ports
  • if you hear strange noises from your computer, get it investigated
  • Call AssistIT Home Computer Support if you get any problems before they escalate
Windows blue screen of death

Repair your PC and Laptop with AssistIT Home Computer Services

Unfortunately computers break down. They all have moving parts and electrical components and as such are prone to wear and tear as well as electrical surges.


The good news is that is most cases, your computer can be repaired and doesn’t have to be disposed of. AssistIT can come to you, diagnose the problem give you a quote as to what it would cost to repair. In the rare cases that it would be cheaper to buy a new computer instead of repairing it, we can quote you for its replacement.


Some of the most common problems we fix are:

Dusty fanComputer failing to switch on. You get to your computer and there is no power. Naturally the first thing you would check is the fuse in the plug. But if that seems ok, then the likelihood is that your power supply has blown. Power supplies can blow from spikes of electricity and to prevent this, it is always advised to have a surge protector extension block or plug

Computer making loud noises. This is more annoying than anything as you are sat there at your computer and all you can hear is a loud buzzing or whirring noise from inside your computer. This often happens when your PC is on the floor as all the dust is drawn in from the floor. If this is not fixed, you computer runs the risk of over heating and will power it’s self down.

Computer switching on but not loading Windows. Quite a common problem should your Hard Disk or Memory be faulty. Hard Disks have moving parts in side them and if they are dropped they will often stop working. Memory can go faulty from spikes in the electricity supply should you fuses not trip.

CD/DVD drive not accepting disks. The drives may also not read disks properly or have no power to them at all. These are not user-serviceable devices, so after a clean and it still won’t work, it is quicker and cheaper to buy a new DVD Drive.

Overheating. Overheating is caused when there is not enough ventilation through the PC and/or the components are covered in dust. This is generally witnessed when your computer just switches off for, what seems, no reason at all. A simple service and clean when you notice this happening will save you a lot more money later on

Blue screen of death. This is generally down to one of two reasons. Either faulty components or a corrupt installation of Windows. We can take a look at the error message to find the error and suggest what components to change or a software solution

These problems are to name but a few. If you do have any faults or problems with your computer then contact us on our contact page.

AssistIT for all of your home computer support and repairs