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AssistIT Business Computer Services for your bespoke website designs

Bespoke websites with AssistIT Business Computer Services

Ecommerce and Information based Bespoke Websites with AssistIT

Until the end of September 2017 we are giving you the opportunity to get a special offer with AssistIT . Every website we produce will be £350. No hidden charges…. that’s it, that’s all you pay.


Concept and Design.

Bespoke website proposal exampleEvery project we undertake is backed up with a concept image of what the website will look like. We will then discuss the following with you:


  • Project Scope. What is included in the project.
  • Concept. A pictorial view of what your website will look like.
  • Design. Where the website will be designed and where it will be found during the design phase.
  • SEO, Analytics and Site Map. Details the tools that will be embedded to help your website achieve high rankings on the search engines.
  • Implementation. Details of what will be needed for hosting.
  • Timings. Details for how long the project will take before you see you new website online.
  • Acceptance Form. To accept the proposal all you need to do is sign the form and return it either by post or by scanning it in and emailing it to us.

    No fees are required until the website goes live, so if you are not happy about anything during the design, there is no cost to you.



    If you would like any additional information on our special offer then please email us at where we will be able to help you further. Alternatively complete the contact form on the right.