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Bespoke website designs with AssistIT Business Computer Services.

home iconEcommerce or Info based. We create your website for what you need, so if you need to sell a product, we will produce your website with ecommerce in mind.

back iconIndustry standard software. The products we use are industry standard, open source and free. Which means that your website platform will benefit from years of development.

document iconHosting Your Website. Our hosting will be factored in the price you pay, but you may prefer to use your own hosting company. All we say is that your hosting must support PHP 5.3.0 or later and MySQL 4 or later.

forward iconProposal. All our design projects are backed up with our details proposal so you know what you are getting and how much you will be spending. No hidden extras.

refresh iconConcept. Along with our proposal, you get a concept of what the website will look like. During this phase, you can change any part of the look and feel before it is designed for real.

bookmark iconSEO Ready. All our websites are produced with SEO in mind. We use SEO tools built in to the website so you don’t need to agree to expensive SEO services that other companies charge.

toolsiconBrowser Independent. All our websites are tested in the main websites such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, as well as mobile browsers such as Ipad, Ipod, Tablets and Android phones.

AssistIT Business Computer Services for your bespoke website designs

Bespoke websites with AssistIT Business Computer Services

Ecommerce and Information based Bespoke Websites with AssistIT

If you need something more than one of our Starter Packages, then we can help you by producing a bespoke website to your requirements. All our websites are written from the ground up on one of our test servers so you can see it being built, giving input as it is produced.


Proposal and Concept.

Bespoke website proposal exampleEvery project we undertake is backed up with a full, detailed proposal and a concept of what the website will look like. The proposal will include details on:


  • Project Scope. What is included in the project.
  • Concept. A pictorial view of what your website will look like.
  • Design. Where the website will be designed and where it will be found during the design phase.
  • SEO, Analytics and Site Map. Details the tools that will be embedded to help your website achieve high rankings on the search engines.
  • Implementation. Details what will be needed for hosting.
  • Summary of Costs. Naturally you will want to know how much your website will cost you, so we detail it in the document.
  • Timings. This details how long the project will take before you see you new website online.
  • Acceptance Form. To accept the proposal all you need to do is sign the form and return it either by post or by scanning it in and emailing it to us.

    Star Buys Travel Bespoke Website Design

    The Dawnay Arms bespoke website design


    No fees are required up to the point where you accept he proposal. so if you are not happy with what you see in the proposal, you don’t pay a penny until you are happy.


    If you would like any additional information on our bespoke website designs then please email us at where we will be able to help you further